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At Precision Dental Studio, our passion is showing. It comes from somewhere deep within. It fills the heart with joy to do the work you love. We love what we do. We love our customers. And most importantly, we love the feeling we get when we give you the attention, the service, and the products that you deserve.


Partner with Precision Dental Studio and let us remind you why you chose to become a dentist.


Why Us?

Precision Dental Studio provides precise,clinically proven products with professionalism.  Timely turnaround time is practical and efficient and corteous service.




"I have been using the professional services of Precision Dental studio since 2012. I have , from the start, been impressed with the quality of their work, the speed with which I get back the work, and the professionalism of the staff. But over the years, nothing stayed the same - the materials used, as well as the equipment has been continuously upgraded to keep up with new trends in technology. We are talking about a first world dental lab, right here in T&T!

 By sticking with them, I also look good, I keep up with the latest technology ( no more impressions when I use the 3Shape Treos 3 scanner) ,on time quality work,and most of all, the patients are happy!

Can't get better than that!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                -Alastair Martin DMD

Meet the Team


Services that hit the mark every time.


Quick Turn Around Time 7 Days

24 Hour Rush Service Available (30% Up Charge)

TT Post /Fox Courriers Drop Off at no charge

List of Products Offered

Vita Real Life

Vita Tri-Lux forte

Vita Enamic

Vita Suprinity *

Vita MarkII

Vita YZ Zirconia (Framework)

Sirona TZI (Zirconia Full Contour

Precision Tech (Full Contour Zirco)

Sirona PC

Sirona Incoris CC

Sirona Incoris C

Ivoclar E Max

3M Ultimate

Cerec Surgical Drill Guide

Custom Abutment (Zirconia)

PrecisionFlex Dentures (Myerson)

Precision Tech Dentures

Cad Cam Dentures ****

Special Trays

Snore Guard (EMA)

Bleaching Trays

Bite Guards

Sports Guards



Our lab technicians can custom shade your ceramic job with the latest electonic shade taking equipment.

(Vita Easy Shade Advance)


• Precision Dental Studio can offer Mill Metal Copings

• Full Contour Anatomical Bridge Work Up To 16 Units

• Zirconia Frame Work Up To 16 Units with Layered Vita Zirconia

• Custom Crown & Bridge Kits

 • Implant Bars Surgical Guides, Zirconia Frame Work

• Digital Cone Beam Service


What we can do for you.

NEW Service Coming

What do you get when you marry exceptional quality with cutting edge technology? Precision Dental Studio investment in the latest technology, equipment and materials has put us on the leading edge of digital dentistry.


Components are designed and fabricated in our studio using state of the art dental software and industrial milling equipment.

These capabilities ensure high-quality restorations that exhibit consistent fit, contacts and occlusion while minimizing error and decreasing turnaround time.


Precision Dental Studio's skillful team of technicians adjusts the aesthetics and contours to your prescription, resulting in restorations that require little to no chairside adjustment. Throughout the emergent technology fabrication process, Precision Dental Studio conducts exacting quality assurance checks to provide you with the finest restorations achievable.


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